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Apple cider vinegar liquid vs gummies

What are gummies?

Gummies are a form of easily consuming your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Most appealing to children, gummies often contain sugar, folic acid, vitamin B12, water, pectin and many other ingredients depending on the brand.

Although easier to consume, apple cider vinegar gummies do in fact have a lot of cons that aren’t spoken about enough.

What are the cons of gummies?

Most gummy supplements have added sugars and some gummies can have added sugar alcohols.

Apple cider vinegar is safe for children to take, daily. We recommend a flavoured ready-to-drink ACV or perhaps mixing it in meals and smoothies!

Some gummies may contain artificial food colourings. There have been studies that actually link food dyes to behavioural issues in children- another reason to opt for the real stuff over pills & potions!

Finally, a very obvious gummy con is that due to the amount of sugar added to make it nicer to taste, this means they can be easy to overeat. Overconsumption of gummies can result in vitamin or mineral toxicity. Consuming more fat-soluble than the recommended dose, such as vitamins A, D, E & K may be dangerous to the body as they are often stored in both the body & fat tissues.

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice. Apple juice is mixed in with yeast and bacteria, starting the fermenting process. The sugars from the apples are turned into ethanol, which is then further transformed by the acetic acid bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar liquid vs gummies

At Willy’s, we understand that the often sour taste that comes with apple cider vinegar can be quite off-putting… That’s why we have a whole range of flavoured apple cider vinegar. Sitting next to our Original ACV, we also have our Turmeric ACV and Fire Cider ACV. All of those are easy to consume when diluted with water or even mixed in with your meal as a taste enhancer. You could even try it in your smoothies or make an ACV tea!

We also have a range of ready-to-drink shots and a dosing bottle. All pre-diluted, so easy to get your daily dose in on the go, they’re available in beetroot, turmeric and apple & ginger flavour.

How to easily consume ACV instead of taking gummies

Take a look at our recipes for some inspiration on how to incorporate apple cider vinegar in both your meals and drinks.

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