Apple Day

apple day 2021

Why we love apple from our 300 year old farm
Apples at the Willy’s ACV farm in Herefordshire

Apple Day was created to be a celebration but also a demonstration of the variety that we are in danger of losing, not simply in apples, but in the richness and diversity of landscape, ecology and culture. 

Sustainable farming is at the heart of Willy’s brand, growing without artificial pesticides and fertilisers and letting natural practices help nature find its own balance.  There is a definite sense that nature rules here and everything is in harmony, and we try and nurture this as much as possible, with the help of Tom who runs the orchards and manages the farm animals.

All of our Apple Cider Vinegar is made using 48 different varieties of organic apple from our 300 year old orchards in Herefordshire.

?The Whole Apple: No waste. We send any waste pulp to the anaerobic digester which turns it into natural fertiliser for the orchards. 

?Apple Names: We have over 48 varieties of apples in the orchards. Some classic varieties, some obsolete! The names are almost as wonky as the varieties themselves, here are a few of our favourites;  Slack ma girdle, Court de wyck, Broxwood foxwhelp, Improved Dove, Never Blight, Angela, Fillbarrell and Collington big bitters.

?Biodiversity: We have a programme to entice beneficial predator insects like ladybirds, lacewing, hoverfy and earwigs to naturally keep the aphid count low. The best way to attract them is with wild flowers and herbs which we plant in spring, then give them a varied and cosy home in the fields in the form of bug hotels.

?Recycling: Any waste apple pulp and cuttings are sent to a neighbouring anaerobic digester. The resulting fertiliser is spread back on the fields and orchards, keeping the loop closed and all-natural.

October is time for apple harvest at the farm. The team are hard at work picking, pressing and fermenting our apples to create our delicious and unique Apple Cider Vinegar.

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