Can Apple Cider Vinegar help with IBS?

Apple cider vinegar and IBS symptoms

Is drinking apple cider vinegar good for IBS? Apple cider vinegar has a handful of health benefits. Although not scientifically proven, many reports show that ACV can help lower cholesterol, lower sugar spikes, help with bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Let’s talk all things ACV and IBS! 

How is ACV made?

ACV is made by adding yeast to apple juice, which over time creates alcohol. This alcohol is then turned into acetic acid, by the bacteria produced. Acetic acid is what is responsible for all of ACV’s health benefits!

Did you know that even Julius Caesar drank a form of ACV and throughout the Black Plague, apple cider vinegar was used?

What is IBS?

Did you know that between 1 – 2 in 10 people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome? Although you can suffer from IBS from any age, it’s most common to find it within those aged 20 to 30 years old.

Irritable bowel syndrome is the result of an abnormality of the small and large intestine. The end goal of treating IBS is to relieve any infection and inflammation that could have caused it. Despite being a chronic condition, there are many ways to help manage its severity of it. Often, making changes to either your lifestyle, diet and trying to reduce stress can help with your IBS.

The symptoms of IBS

1. Diarrhoea

2. Abdominal pain

3. Constipation

Is ACV good for IBS?

So, does ACV help with IBS? IBS can respond very well to natural remedies and with the help of ACVs antibacterial properties, it can be very helpful with digestive issues, such as constipation.

Apple cider vinegar has been known to be a natural laxative and also has a small amount of magnesium which is great for encouraging bowel movement.

Another annoying symptom that comes hand-in-hand with IBS is bloating…  

Although there’s limited scientific evidence that ACV can relieve you of bloating, there are many cases that show the benefits of adding apple cider vinegar to water and drinking before, or after, every meal. We recommend introducing an organic, raw and unpasteurised ACV (such as Willy’s) as it’s better to consume it in its most natural form. 

Other natural remedies

It’s important to look at introducing products with antispasmodic properties, such as:

Ginger – Easy to incorporate into your daily routine, ginger has great properties beneficial to gut problems. We recommend trying a ginger tea, or even grating some ginger into boiling water, letting it sit, and then draining the ginger bits out ready to sip! Try our apple and ginger ready-to-drink shots

Fennel – Trying fennel tea would be a great way to mix this ingredient into your daily routine.

Peppermint – This ingredient has a history to have good stomach-settling properties. Peppermint is available in many different forms, from peppermint tea, capsules and oils. 

In general, probiotics are great to take as they’re gut-friendly and will help improve your overall health & wellbeing.

Our top tip to relieve IBS!

We recommend diluting 2 teaspoons of our apple cider vinegar with water for IBS relief. If you don’t have enough stomach acid, your food may not be broken down enough – ACV can help with this!

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