Willy’s Apple cider vinegar – what is ACV?

We believe ACV, short for Apple Cider Vinegar, is a minor miracle from Mother Nature! Best enjoyed raw, unpasteurised and unfiltered leaving the mother culture beautifully alive and present in each bottle.

How do you make Willy’S ACV?

We collect our apples, up to 48 classic varieties, press them and then start the three-step process of making Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar. First, yeast is added to the pressed apple juice to break down the natural sugars and turn it into a delicious bitter-sweet cider. Then, in a special tank called an Acetator, the combination of Herefordshire fresh air and the ‘Mother Culture’, slowly turns the cider into craft ACV. The third and final steps is leaving the ACV to rest and mature in taste and body in huge oak casks at the farm.

Who or what is the live Mother?

The mother is the strands of protein and gut-friendly bacteria that you’ll find in our Apple Cider Vinegar. She forms during the process of converting cider into cider vinegar and can then be used time and time again to produce delicious ACV. As we use our own apples from the 300 year old pristine orchards surrounding our farm, we believe she is formed from the very orchards themselves – through the boughs, branches, pips, stalks and apples. You’ll see her in our ACV as either small particles or as golden brown strands – she’s what makes our Apple Cider Vinegar so special.

How do I take WILLY’S ACV?

We recommend a daily dose of 25ml in warm water with honey and lemon, in a favourite smoothies or mixed with olive oil in a salad dressing. Check out our recipe pages and once you’re familiar with it, send us your own ideas! Always enjoy our raw Apple Cider Vinegar diluted.

Is acv suitable for Vegans?

Yes! It’s also gluten free and free of GMO ingredients.

Is apple cider vinegar very acidic?

Whilst our ACV is mildly acidic at a ph5, alkaline nutrients such as potassium, calcium and magnesium from the apples make it less acidic than other vinegars such as white wine vinegar. This is why ACV is claimed to help balance ph in the gut, leading to improved digestion.

Where can I buy WILLY’S ACV?

Our very own website if you fancy subscribing to a regular delivery, or major customers include Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Planet Organic and hundreds of quality independents nationwide. If you’d like to suggest a local stockist, drop us an email at willy@willychases.co.uk

What is the shelf life of your wellness products?

ACV 5000ml, 1000ml, 500ml, 50ml – up to 3 years, but we hope you’ll have used it up by then!

ACV Kombucha: 12 months

Can I recycle WILLY’S packaging?

Our glass bottles, aluminium cans and plastic 50ml shot bottles can be widely recycled.