So we’ve made it, it’s Friday (when written, but there will be another along soon if today is n’t) which means only one thing, it’s almost the weekend. As much as weekends are great for relaxing and indulging in some lovely foods, at Willy’s we believe Friday could be the day you focus on your fitness and wellbeing.

However you like to exercise, whether that be in the gym, outdoor run, bike ride or yoga you always need a little burst of energy. This is where our wonderful Kombucha comes in and to make life easier we have popped it into our Natural Energy Drink otherwise known as The N.E.D.

Kombucha has been linked to raising energy levels and aids in the post-workout recovery alleviating joint pain which is ideal! The nutrients in Kombucha supports tissue growth and balances intestinal flora. Healthy flora is essential for preventing stomach and intestinal issues during exercise. Athletes have been known to swear by drinking it to boost energy and to help recover post-workout so it must be pretty good stuff if the professionals use it! Kombucha is therefore great before or after a work-out and has even been known to quench thirst more so than when drinking. As Kombucha is high in acidity it will allow your body to alkaline itself and replenish itself with nutrients it needs to detox.

So why not make this Friday a time to focus on a healthy body and a healthy mind. Goodness comes from within and it all starts by doing a bit of yoga in the mornings or lacing up those trainers and heading off for an evening run. With a little help from Kombucha, I am now able to remain healthy but still have that much needed energy boost before my workouts or afterwards to replenish my body. Make this healthy Friday fit into your daily routine (see what I did there!)