Great British Food Awards Winner 2020

Huge Congratulations to our wonderful small team at Willy’s, we have only gone and won the Vinegars & Oils category and the Midlands category at the Great British Food Awards 2020!

This year’s award winners extend across over 30 categories, including a new set of regional champions, and showcase the finest artisan food and drink from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that we’ve judged to date. The quality of products impressed the  Great British Food Awards 2020 panel of celebrity judges, who included The Hairy Bikers, Michel Roux Jr, William Sitwell, Raymond Blanc and Miguel Barclay, as well as the buying team at Booths, and all the judges’ comments on the individual category winners are included in this kit.

After a huge number of entries and months of rigorous shortlisting, testing, tasting and consumer voting, their final shortlist really supports our nation’s reputation and status for producing world-class food and drink. With marks awarded for provenance and flavour, every winning producer deserves to count themselves as one of Britain’s best. Congratulations to all who entered and won an award!

Willy’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Live Mother AWARDS:

From orchard to bottle, Willy’s Live Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is all-natural, raw and unfiltered. It contains all the incredible prebiotic goodness of the live Mother.

Judged by chef Jack Stein

“I absolutely love cider vinegar, and this is a world-class one for me. I love the story of the 300–year–old orchards, and the live mother aspect of the live ferments. It tastes of proper cider which is unusual in vinegar. Clean and elegant. A well–deserved winner.”

Jack Stein

Judged by eco–chef Tom Hunt

If our shelves were filled with products like this, the world would be a better place. Even the aroma shouts apples, with a funky floral–sweet punch in the nose. And it tastes so good I can just mix a teaspoon to a tablespoon with a glass of water for a delicious healthful drink.”

Eco–chef Tom Hunt

Read the Press Release Here.

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