It’s that time of year again, time to swap sunglasses for scarves and T-shirts for knit sweat-ers. The frost is starting to form in the mornings and there is a definite chill in the air. Here on the Willys Farm its a hive of activity as the harvest is well underway. The colours of the leaves are starting to change and the apples are beginning to fall down from the trees making the scenery absolutely beautiful. So we thought what better time than to share this special moment from one of our wonderful willy’s apple’s points of view (yep, we interviewed one, honest)

“I have been forming and ripening all year round waiting for my big moment. I have one of many apples amongst the 300 year orchards and there are 48 varieties of my friends. Once I am ready I fall and drop on the ground, telling the world I am ready to be taken to my next destination.”


Myself and all the other apples are collected on a fabulous little tractor that comes around twice a day and picks us all up from the floor. There is a lot of us around so it’s a big job and starts early in the morning. I heard on the grape vine (or should I say apple-branch) that 55 tonnes of apples were picked today which produces 71,000 litres of juice! Impressive huh?

Cleaning and sorted

Only the best of the best are chosen so we are taken through a machine and are sorted and any twigs or leaves are removed. The rotten apples are then taken out, because let’s face it the rotten look has never really been in fashion. We are then given a bit of a spruce up and cleaned in a machine to make sure we look our best in time to be pressed.

Time to imPRESS

We roll onto a conveyer belt and are then popped into the giant pressing machine where we are turned into juice in readiness for the fermentation process.The leftover excess is then sifted out and taken off to go and be used to help out our mooing friends over on the farm.


Now we enter some huge tanks where we undergo the magical fermentation process. This is the big moment we turn into Apple Cider. After this process is completed we are taken to the ‘accifier’ tanks to meet the important bacteria known as ‘The Mother” (I felt very starstruck). We then slowly begin to turn into apple cider vinegar.

From tree to table

So we are now a fully formed gorgeous apple cider vinegar containing the key ingredient, “The Mother”. All there is left to do now is for us to be bottled up and given our shiny new labels. I have to say we all look very apple-tising (I may have changed into a apple cider vinegar but I haven’t lost my sense of humour) It’s time for us to enter the big wide world out there and meet our new owners, helping them transfer our goodness into their healthy guts”.

Editor: Willy Apple.