How to be more sustainable over the festive period

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The Willy’s Farmentary in winter

The festive season can be a very unsustainable time of year due to the plethora of food waste, unwanted gifts and mounds of wasted packaging.  However, there are a few little actions you can make to be a bit more responsible and sustainable this Christmas.

I have a few tips and tricks for you!


  1. Cut food waste – try to plan out your meals for the festive season and use produce as it’s going out of date.  Save any leftovers by covering them with bees wax wraps for a tasty lunch the following day.
  2. Eat more plants – plant-based foods are great for you and the planet.  The livestock industry alone generates nearly 15% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions and requires space and huge amounts of water and feed.  There are so many meat alternatives around to satisfy any cravings!
  3. Buy seasonal produce – buying locally produced products that are in season can help to reduce energy spent growing foods and avoid emissions from shipping overseas.  December is great for apples, pears, parsnips, beetroot and brussels sprouts!


  1. Think quality not quantity – buying fewer but better-quality gifts can help to reduce the chance of gifts going to waste.  Secret Santa is a great idea to help prevent wastage (and is better for your wallet too!).
  2. Avoiding plastic – try to avoid buying gifts wrapped in unsustainable plastic packaging.
  3. Shop in person – this will help to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging for delivery and emissions from delivery vehicles.
  4. Gift from sustainable brands – do your research and buy sustainably.  At Willy’s ACV we care about the environment and therefore reduce waste and emissions wherever possible.  There are many other brands that do great work for the environment.  Some of our favourites are: Upcircle BeautyHylo Athletics and Harry Specters.


  1. DIY decs – have a fun, crafty day making your own Christmas decorations.  Upcycle old decs or use sustainable materials to get creative!
  2. The tree! – if you’re buying a real tree make sure it’s FSC certified (responsibly sourced).  If using a plastic tree then try and re use it for at least 10 years.

Wishing you a very merry and happy festive season!

Yours truly,

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