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How to manage a Hangover with acv

What causes a hangover

Have you struggled to manage your hangover? If you’re looking for an apple cider vinegar hangover cure, Willy’s ACV products can help.

How does a hangover work?

There are a number of things that can cause a hangover. Alcohol prevents a hormone signal from the brain to the kidneys which stop the kidney from retaining fluid. Because of this, alcohol can often increase the need to keep popping to the toilet! This is what causes mild hydration. 

Another thing is gastrointestinal irritation. Irritation to the lining of your stomach, caused by alcohol, can lead to a nauseating feeling. 

Finally, a very common side effect of a hangover is inflammation. Alcohol is known to cause inflammation in your body. Again, also a cause of the nauseating feeling you may suffer from.

Other typical symptoms of a hangover

Anxiety. Decreased cognitive function is common in hangovers which often triggers anxiety. We recommend avoiding coffee as caffeine often triggers anxiety.

Irritability. Due to alcohol being a depressant, this can often throw natural chemicals dopamine and serotonin off balance. So although whilst drinking you may have an energy/ mood boost, the day after you may struggle with feeling down in the dumps and irritable.

Sweating. There can be various reasons as to why you might experience sweating when hungover. It could be due to alcohol withdrawal, the effect alcohol has on your blood vessels and heart or even alcohol intolerance.

Increased blood pressure. Alcohol increases blood levels of the hormone renin which results in the blood vessels constricting.

IS apple cider vinegar good for hangovers?

Apple cider vinegar is known to be a hangover cure due to its natural diuretic effect. This can help with the fluid retention caused by hangovers. It’s great at stabilising your blood sugar levels which can be affected by excessive drinking. 

Apple cider vinegar with mother can also help balance your pH levels by bringing them back down to a normal level.

How to take apple cider vinegar for hangovers

When choosing apple cider vinegar for a hangover, drink Willy’s ACV every day to prevent and cure hangover symptoms.

We produce the best organic apple cider vinegar drinks for hangovers, such as:

Apple cider vinegar and honey. Both ingredients are packed with antioxidants.

Apple cider vinegar and beetroot. Great for managing blood sugar, improving stamina and killing harmful bacteria.

Other hangover cures:

– Eggs. Rich in cysteine (an amino acid that produces the antioxidant glutathione)

Without this antioxidant, your body may have a hard time breaking down any toxins.

– Watermelon. Great for helping with headaches and battling dehydration. Watermelon has L-citrulline, which is a nutrient that helps with blood flow.

– Blueberries. Perfect for fighting inflammation, blueberries are rich in nutrients that are helpful when combating a hangover.

– Ginger. This ingredient has always been effective in overcoming nausea. Try mixing ginger with a smoothie or in tea.

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