On the go health is as easy as A C V

apple cider vinegar shots on the go
Willy’s Beetroot Apple Cider Vinegar Health Shot

Getting your daily dose of ACV has never been easier…
With Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar Health Shots

I have created mini health shots using my Probiotic Live Apple Cider Vinegar which are an easy, convenient way to get your daily dose of Willy’s ACV when on-the-go.

My health shots come in three delicious and healthful flavours:

  • Honey & Turmeric
  • Beetroot
  • Apple & Ginger

Which will you choose?

  • Daily dose of Turmeric and honey ACV
    Turmeric & Honey Apple Cider Vinegar Shot (15 X 60ML)
  • apple cider vinegar shots of beetroot
    Beetroot Apple Cider Vinegar Shot (15 X 60ML)
  • Daily dose of Willy's apple and ginger ACV
    Apple & Ginger Apple Cider Vinegar Shot (15 X 60ML)


The blend of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients in each shot helps to maintain a healthy immune system.  Our ACV:

  • can aid weight loss
  • is packed full of health-boosting antioxidants
  • can improve and support gut health
  • can help to control blood sugar
  • can reduce cholesterol
  • supports skin and hair health
  • is antimicrobial
  • provides immunity support to boost your overall health

Looking for a simple yet delicious boost to your health this winter?  Get your shot of Willy’s ACV and kick start a healthy future for the cold months ahead.

Yours truly,


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