Product Spotlight – Willy’s Fire Cider ACV

Try Willys ACV fire cider

This week we’d love to focus on our Willy’s Fire Cider Vinegar and why we love it.  In case you missed it, we’re very proud of this vinegar as it won the ‘Best New Organic Product’ Award at the 2021 BOOM Awards (Best of Organic Market).  

So what is Willy’s Organic Fire Cider Apple Cider Vinegar and why do we love it?

This natural remedy is a powerful blend of organic Willy’s ACV, horseradish, honey, garlic, onion, freshly ground ginger, turmeric & spice used for centuries to ward off ill health. Controlling the whole story from apple to bottle, Willy’s ACV is raw, unfiltered and contains all the incredible probiotic goodness of the live Mother.

Our Fire Cider Vinegar contains garlic and onion, both rich in prebiotics, as well as ginger and turmeric, powerful spices for optimum digestion.

You can grab some here!

What do the experts say?

At the BOOM Awards Jenny Chandler, prestigious food writer raved about our newest flavour of ACV, saying “There is nothing new about cider vinegar, but this Willy’s Fire Cider it’s just amazing. It’s got this horseradish sort of burn to it, it’s got turmeric, ginger, all this umami depth. We’ve been having it as a hot drink with some hot water in it, but also equally we were just dreaming up dressings and mayos and all the places that you do use it in your cooking. It’s just a fantastic thing.”  You can watch the full video of what Jenny had to say here.

Need some inspo?

We like to use our Fire Cider vinegar in various different recipes, from bone broth to salads.  You can check these out in the recipe section of our website here.

ACV with Salad

My personal favourite Fire Cider Vinegar recipe is our Apple & Blue Cheese Salad recipe.  This salad is full of various textures for a full mouth sensation.  From the crunch of the apples to the softness of the blue cheese, this salad is ideal if you’re looking for a salad that has a bit more excitement, because no on wants a sad salad, right?  Get the full recipe here.

Interested in getting some of our award-winning Fire Cider for yourself?  Head over to our Willy’s shop!

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