HR1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

HR1 Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

Natural Antibacterial Sanitiser Case of 6 x 300ml


+ HR1 is an antibacterial hand sanitiser made on our farm using Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar.
+ Contains 80% ABV alcohol. DO NOT CONSUME.
+ No water required and no need to wash your hands after use.
+ This product contains denatured alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vegetable glycerine and water.


+ Both products are made from by-product spirits at the end of a distillation run and blended with our Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar.
+ We are donating to local hospitals.


+ Due to high demand – delivery will take 1-5 working days.
+ We are selling this product by the case only (£7.50 per bottle) with free delivery.
+ Each bottle contains 300ml of antibacterial hand rub

1x Case of 6x Bottles is £45 with Free Delivery


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