The Hedgerow is a non-alcoholic cocktail is one for all you forest fruit lovers our there! This delightful berry shrub mix is packed with vitamin C’s and antioxidants. With the help from Willy’s apple cider vinegar and berry variety. The hedgerow is definitely does not lack flavour and is a non-alcoholic cocktail you can enjoy at any time of day and with anyone. Why don’t you give the hedgerow shrub recipe a go, for you and the family to enjoy over toast, pancakes, or ice cream! We also love knowing how you get on with your recipes, so let us know in the comments or you can send us a message.


100g blueberries

100g blackberries

100g raspberries

3 sprigs of rosemary

150g caster sugar (add up to 50g for a sweeter taste)

150ml Willy’s Original ACV

50ml water


  1. In a saucepan, pop in sugar and water, and stir on a medium heat, until the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Now add in your rosemary, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Gently crush these ingredients using a masher.
  3. Stir for a few minutes on a medium heat before bringing the heat down to a low simmer. Keep mixing frequently until your fruit starts to become sticky, syrupy and jammy.
  4. Then add in your Willy’s ACV, stirring for a few minutes or so.
  5. Taste your mix to see whether the flavour is sweet enough for you. But if your mix is not sweet enough, then add some more caster sugar.
  6. Now, leave to cool for about 2 hours for more depth of flavour and leave overnight on the side before draining.
  7. Place a fine-mesh strainer/sieve with a muslin cloth over a bowl and pour in the pulp.
  8. Let everything drain on its own. Make sure you do not press (as tempting as it is) through the strainer otherwise you’ll end up with the pulp in the syrup.
  9. Do not discard your pulp, keep it for popping on top of ice cream or spread on your toast. Very tasty!
  10. Pour your syrup into a glass jar (kilner is ideal) and store the shrub in the fridge for up to 1 month.
  11. To make your cocktail… place 2 tbsp of spare berries, a handful of crushed ice on top, and 4-5 tbsp of the syrup into a glass of your choice.
  12. Fill your glass with a tonic or lemonade. Top your drink with some more of your berries. And enjoy!