Verzon MUle


Here’s a non-alcoholic cocktail that will get you in the festive spirit! The Verzon Mule! With its warming flavours of orange and ginger, this drink is an excellent choice for any festive occasion. You can also add alcohol to this cocktail recipe if you wish to spice things up.

Serves: 1


25mls Willy’s Original ACV

25mls Willy’s ACV Fire Cider

25mls ginger syrup

75mls orange juice

10mls berry lemonade


  1. Start by adding Willys’ Original ACV to your chosen glass.
  2. Then add Willys’ Fire Cider ACV, ginger syrup, and orange Juice.
  3. Hold a stirrer or teaspoon to the inside of the glass, and slowly pour the berry lemonade over the spoon – to hopefully create a layer at the bottom of the glass.
  4. Garnish your cocktail with a slice of ginger and enjoy!

Thank you to Doug at Verzon House in Ledbury for creating the Verzon Mule with our Willy’s ACV.