Shrubs: the historic,healthy cocktail trend that’s making a come back

apple cider vinegar in cocktails

Shrubs: the historic, healthy cocktail trend that’s making a come back 

Whilst most often associated with small plants, ‘shrub’ means an entirely different thing in when it comes to the history of drinks. Made by mixing fruit, with sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar, then leaving to steep for around 24 hours. This makes for a fruit syrup full of goodness, containing an abundance of antioxidants and live ingredients. Shrubs may be steeped in history but are the perfect live tonic for whatever 2021 throws at us.

With more people cutting down on alcoholic drinks, having more time to spend in the kitchen and embracing natural, organic food and drink, shrubs are the perfect home-made base for making an array of mocktails, cocktails, tonics and will take your DIY mixology skills to the next level. 

Making Willy’s ACV shrub drinks is simple and fun – add your choice of fruit, sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar in equal measures to a jar, a day or so before you’re planning to drink them.  Ensure you shake or mix all the ingredients together and leave in a cool place where the flavour will blossom over time.

When you’re ready to make your drinks, strain out the fruit using a sieve of muslin cloth for your finished shrub syrup. Pour a shot of the shrub syrup in a glass, top with soda water (or your choice of mixer) and enjoy!

“The beauty of shrubs is not just that they’re simple to make at home, and form the basis of beautiful fruity drinks, but that the combination of live, unpasteurised fruit and the probiotic goodness of apple cider vinegar has huge benefits for your gut health. With shrubs, people can enjoy their mocktail or cocktail knowing their glass is full of genuine goodness and that they have discovered a great way to enjoy healthy, natural ingredients and take their daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar.”

Shrubs have a fascinating history which goes back centuries. First used as a medicinal cordial by Monks in the 1500s given their wealth of live bacteria, prebiotics and antioxidants, they were also loved by sailors and smugglers. Shrubs grew in popularity throughout the 17th and 18th centuries as the base for everything from fruit drinks, cocktails punches and Belgian fruit beers – they were also popular as a morning energy drink for farmers preparing for long days of labour in the fields.

To purchase Willy’s ACV or explore the range visit  We also have plenty of delicious shrub cocktail recipes on our website here.

apple cider vinegar in cocktails

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