the benefits of balsamic vinegar

What is balsamic vinegar?

Balsamic vinegar is a dark, concentrated liquid made from grape must- freshly crushed grape juice with all of the stems, seeds and skins. Balsamic is known for having a bold and tart aftertaste.

How we make our balsamic vinegar

We ferment our live apple balsamic vinegar using over 48 wild apple varieties and then age it in our oak casks to add complexity, bringing you a probiotic and gut-loving balsamic!

Does balsamic vinegar have any health benefits?

Helps with lowering cholesterol

Balsamic vinegar has been known to help lower your cholesterol. There are antioxidants in balsamic, and these antioxidants target toxic cells called, ‘scavenger cells’. These cells inflate your LDL levels (unhealthy cholesterol).

Supports healthy digestion

The acetic acid found in balsamic, the main active compound, is what contains the strains of probiotic bacteria. The pros of probiotics is that they are great in helping to enable healthy digestion and improve your gut health and have also been known to benefit the immune system, too!

Can help support weight loss

Due to the acetic acid, people say that balsamic can often make them feel full and some research suggests that this vinegar supports weight loss. Known for its anti-obesity characteristics, it can help people feel full and therefore preventing over indulging. A big benefit with balsamic is that, unlike other flavouring agents such as mayonnaise and butter, it is fat-free.

Helps with improving your skin

As balsamic vinegar contains antioxidants, acetic acid and antimicrobial compounds, it could help with improving the skin. By consuming balsamic as part of your regular diet, you may find that there’s an improvement on your skin with it looking clearer and your complexion appearing brighter.

Balsamic Vinegar recipes

Try some of our favourite balsamic recipes!

– Vegan cauliflower cheese bake

– Hearty red lentil stew

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