What is ‘The Mother’?

What is the mother in apple cider vinegar

You might have heard us talking about the mother, or seen it on various ACV labels.  But what actually is it and why is ACV with ‘The Mother’ (like Willy’s) better than those without?

So firstly, what is ‘The Mother’?

Essentially, there are two types of ACV – filtered and unfiltered.  Filtered ACV tends to be lighter in colour and doesn’t contain any bits, whereas unfiltered ACV is darker in colour and will contain some floating ‘strands’.  These ‘stands’ are what is known as ‘The Mother’ and they are what brings ACV most of its health benefits (so don’t be off put by them!).  

In simple terms, ‘The Mother’ is a natural part of the fermentation process and is full of gut-friendly probiotics (beneficial bacteria).  It’s this beneficial bacteria that helps to support our gut health and overall wellbeing.

We are proud to say that all of our ACV is raw, organic, unfiltered and ALIVE with ‘The Mother’.

But why EXACTLY is ACV with ‘The Mother’ better than ACV without?

The gut friendly bacteria within ‘The Mother’ contains a vast array of health benefits.  I’ll list a few benefits that I’ve found below:

  1. Supporting my immune system – did you know that 70% of your immune system is found within the gut?!  Promoting the good gut bacteria (through probiotics) will help to fight away disease and infection (due to their anti bacterial properties) as well as reduce the amount of bad bacteria that resides in the gut.

  1. Improving digestion – the friendly gut bacteria supports my gut health and helps to reduce stomach problems like indigestion or heartburn.  This is due to the fact that ACV neutralises stomach acid and fights the harmful bacteria.

  1. Aiding weight loss – there are many studies out there to show that ACV with ‘The Mother’ makes you feel fuller, therefore reducing overeating.  I take 25ml daily with fresh beetroot juice and I’ve lost 2 stone – so I can fully vouch for its weight loss benefits!

  1. Improving hair, skin and nail health – ACV with ‘The Mother’ helps to balance pH levels and also has an exfoliating effect leaving hair and skin feeling soft and smooth.  Why not check out some of our other blog posts for how to use ACV as a skin toner or as a hair rinse?!

  1. Lowering blood sugar – the acetic acid in ‘The Mother’ is believed to block the enzymes that help to digest starch.  This means that blood sugar levels stay more stable and blood sugar spikes are prevented.

These are just a few of the benefits but I could be here all day to name them all!  

People often ask me if I’ve had my ACV tested and verified and YES in that I can vouch for the benefits myself.  It’s changed my life!  

As mentioned above, I take 25ml daily with fresh beetroot juice and I’ve lost 2 stone, I have lowered my cholesterol, increased my energy levels and I sleep better. 

I invite you to share your stories with me of how ACV might have improved a part of your life in the comments below.

Yours truly, 

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