A couple of months ago I classed myself as an ACV novice and believed the only way to consume this good stuff was to cook with it or simply drink a couple of tablespoons a day as if I was taking some sort of medical concoction. However, since I’ve been immersing myself amongst the orchards and getting to know the real ACV I have discovered you can do so much more with it and cooking with the stuff was only the tip of the iceberg (or apple if you like).

The recommended daily intake of ACV is two tablespoons a day but if you fancy wanting to make the full use out of your shiny new bottle of Willy’s then read on for some inspiration and some unusual tips and tricks with our gorgeous, organic, unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar.

Willy’s Ways

Eggcellent eggs (sorry we just had to)
This works as the protein in the egg whites firm up more quickly when exposed to a more acidic liquid. The ACV helps the eggs keep their shape so its ideal for making some poached eggs for breakfast.

Preserving Food
ACV has been used as a pickling agent to preserve food for thousands of years and works by making the food more acidic which deactivates its enzymes and kills any bacteria in the food.
All purpose cleaner- ACV has anti-bacterial properties which means you can pop some onto a cloth and clean to your hearts content. Use a cup of water to half a cup of ACV.

Hair Rinse
Now we know this may sound like a bit of an odd one but trust us it works and as a result I had shiny locks for days afterwards. Simply use one part of water and one part of ACV and leave it in for a few minutes and then wash it out.

Acne Treatment
As someone who has dealt with some troublesome breakouts in my time i have found that making my own skin toner using Willy’s ACV my skin becomes so much clearer. Apple Cider Vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to balance out the PH of the skin. Simply pop a couple of drops of ACV into an old clean container and then dilute with some water you are able to pop some onto a cotton pad and use as a facial toner.

Foot Soak
Now many of us don’t need to be asked twice to put your feet up after a long day and relax and what better way to do so that to create your own foot soak. Simply mix together some epsom salts and water and a little bit of ACV and you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening.

So there we have it, some ways you can consume/use the ACV in your daily life. Its amazing how one product can have so many uses and you know what they say, an apple a day and all that?

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