At Willy’s we like to be clear. So, we have created our nifty little icons, featured on all our healthy apple cider vinegar healthy products so you can quickly see their health benefits. Hopefully self explanatory.

Below we explain what each of our Willy’s icons mean.

All British

The Willy’s products are all grown and produced here in Britain and we are proud to create good quality British produce for our customers.

Our Farm

As we like to call it, ‘the great charm of Willy’s farm’. All of our apples start life on our 300 year old untouched orchards on the farm. There are 48 varieties of apple and are harvested and collected here.


The Willy’s products are all hand crafted with care from the moment the apples are selected to the moment the hay is pressed into the bushel boxes.


Good health lies at the heart of Willy’s and we strongly believe in encouraging others to consider their cardiovascular health and we achieve this by giving everyone a warm welcome to the Willy’s family.


Here at Willy’s we like to invite and encourage bees into our orchards.The busy bees can be found all around our farm and are vital as they are excellent pollinators for our orchards enabling our apples to thrive and grow.

Vegan Approved

Willy’s products are all vegan friendly.

Soil Association

Our 300 year old untouched orchards are free from pesticides and artificial chemicals meaning they are pure and natural and create the true magic of Willy’s.


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